How to write compelling brand content #3: Emotion

How to use emotion in copywriting

Emotion is at the heart of decision-making. It makes sense, then, to use emotion in copywriting to influence the decisions you want your audience to make. Emotive copy arouses strong feelings. These feelings are motivators.

How to write compelling brand content #2: Empathy

Meaningful brands show empathy

When you use empathy in copywriting it builds trust, sparks emotional responses and helps drive decision-making. Empathy is when you put yourself in someone else’s shoes – it’s the ability to understand their feelings. People respond positively to displays of empathy. They feel recognised and visible.

Your personal branding will help you find your USP

USP brand

You’ll find plenty of business advice that emphasises the importance of developing and marketing your unique selling proposition (USP). But how realistic a goal is this? The solution is closer to home than you might realise…

Make your content MORE helpful to win business

Successful content is searchable

To improve user experience and your organic SEO performance you should publish helpful content. But how do you measure the value of your content in the first place? The DIKW pyramid is a useful way of picturing your content and its comparative value…

Why must you have a believable brand personality?

Brand personality_brand loyalty

Brand personality gives your brand language its distinctive character that helps you connect with your audience. But you need to look beyond brand archetypes to find your truly unique brand voice…

HATE thought leadership, LOVE marketing?

Thought leadership marketing

As a type of content marketing, thought leadership can increase the visibility of your brand using content that contains knowledge, expertise and insight. By having you as an identifiable author, thought leadership makes a clear connection between your individual expertise and the credibility of the brand you represent…