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Words to grow your brand and business

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Content USP: Copywriting packages for SMEs and agencies

Strategic content to help you maximise your marketing budget.

Blogs, marketing emails, newsletters, lead magnets and landing pages, packaged to meet your content marketing needs.

It's just copywriting

How do you reach your target audience, capture and keep their interest and compel them to act?

High-quality content connects you with your market.

It has a clear purpose.

It captivates, persuades and converts.

It gives your brand a distinctive character and tone of voice.

It clarifies and simplifies your messages.

It isn’t about clickbait, vanity metrics, style-over-substance or massaging egos.

It’s just copywriting.

Who's the expert?

YOU are.

In a knowledge economy, expertise is a highly marketable commodity. What you know can attract prospects and win business.

Make sure engagement is part of your marketing mix:

  • SHOW your depth of knowledge and experience
  • ATTRACT, ENGAGE and CONNECT with your target audience
  • RAISE your profile in your market
  • GAIN more leads and prospects.

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How it works

First, hop on a FREE discovery call.

Together, we’ll look at your goals and how high-quality and consistent content can help you achieve them. Then, if you’re happy to take things further, you’ve got several options:

  • For individual copywriting projects or briefs, I’ll provide a quotation for the work
  • Or, you can book a 45 minute Content Consultation to explore your copywriting needs in detail and devise a content strategy for your business.

What’s in it for you?

What you’ll get is expertly written copy – tangible, practical and perceptive marketing content that compels your audience to act and is an asset for your business.

No platitudes or empty promises, just copywriting.

Words to grow your brand and business

  • SIMPLIFY your messages so they land with maximum impact.
  • CAPTIVATE your audience and MOTIVATE them to act.
  • CONVERT your followers into prospects to grow your business.

07896 711853
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Topical authority copywriting

Provide searchable answers to drive more traffic to you

topical authority copywriting

Conversion copywriting

Persuade, entice and compel your audience to act the way you want

conversion copywriting

Thought leadership content

Capture the attention of your market with your insight and depth of knowledge

thought leadership content writing