Manchester copywriter for hire

“Thomas is exceptional. And I don’t use the word lightly.”

Jonathan Guy, Aqueous Digital

Manchester copywriter for hire - words to grow your brand and business

Words to grow your brand and business

Just copywriting

How do you reach your target audience, capture and keep their interest and compel them to act?

High-quality, human content connects you with your market.

  • It has a clear purpose.
  • It captivates, persuades and converts.
  • It makes your audience feel something.
  • It gives your brand a distinctive character and tone of voice.
  • It clarifies and simplifies your messages.
  • It isn’t about clickbait, vanity metrics, style-over-substance or massaging egos.
  • It’s just copywriting.

Manchester copywriter for hire. Words to grow your brand and business.

Cut through the crap and convert!

It’s extremely noisy out there. Everyone’s vying for attention, trying to gain a competitive advantage. You need something to cut through the crap, grab your target audience’s interest and keep it.

That something is conversion copy.

Conversion copy is a motivator. It persuades, entices and compels your audience to behave how you want.

It has a clear purpose: to focus the mind on making an active decision.

Conversion is crucial throughout ALL stages in the buyer’s journey:

  • Awareness
  • Consideration
  • Decision.

At each stage, you must draw your prospects closer into your orbit or risk losing them. Each piece of content should help them move ahead by:

  • Confirming they’re in the right place, and
  • Urging them to go further and find out more.

You cannot afford to assume your content contains enough intrinsically interesting information to do this. It also needs to appeal to your audience’s emotions. They should feel something when they read it.

Ask yourself, if your copy’s not converting, what’s it for?

Manchester copywriter for hire

Book an introductory chat.

Let’s talk about your content.

Who’s your audience? What do you want them to do when they read your marketing material?

What’s worked and what hasn’t? What do you find most frustrating?

Together, we’ll explore your goals and how high-quality and consistent content can help you achieve them. Then, if you’re happy to take things further:

  • Or, if you’ve got a specific copywriting brief, I’ll provide you with a quotation for the work.

What's in it for you?

Expertly written copy – tangible, practical and perceptive marketing content that connects with your audience’s emotions and compels them to act.

No platitudes or empty promises, just copywriting.

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Strategic content perfectly packaged to help you maximise your marketing budget.

Blogs, marketing emails, newsletters, lead magnets, landing pages and LinkedIn posts – customised to meet your content marketing needs.

Words to grow your brand and business

  • SIMPLIFY and CLARIFY your messages so they land with maximum impact
  • CAPTIVATE your audience and MOTIVATE them to act.
  • CONVERT your clicks into prospects to grow your business.

07896 711853
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“Thomas is a very strong writer who immediately picks up on what you’re trying to get across.”

Ivana Heijnen, Marktlink

“Thomas is an excellent copywriter who has risen to the challenge with every brief we have given him. He researches his topics thoroughly and always unearths insights and observations that really add value to whatever he is writing about.”

Andy Johns, Good Comms