Just a freelance copywriter in Manchester

Freelance copywriter Manchester

Hi, I’m Tom. I’m a freelance copywriter based in Greater Manchester.

I write words to grow your brand and business.

I work with business owners, founders, entrepreneurs, marketers, agencies and designers.

This is what I believe

  • If you invest in content, it can help to transform your brand and business
  • Investing in content means recognising its intrinsic value and using this value to grow your audience, attract prospects and drive conversions
  • ALL content should convert, turning visitors into followers, followers into prospects and prospects into customers
  • Content that converts is content that stands out and resonates, sparking audience interest and getting a reaction
  • You CANNOT afford to settle for bland, generic content if you’re truly serious about maximising its potential to transform
  • EVERYONE can benefit from good content.

Content USP: Consistent, cost-effective, high-quality copywriting

Grow your brand and business without breaking your budget.

Content USP offers copywriting packages that provide original, consistent, high quality content to feed your marketing, boost your brand, attract prospects and win new business.

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